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How to render passes for fire or another volume with heat, temperature and fuel attributes ?

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Hi magicians,

I was trying to create render passes for the fire, I want my temperature and fuel to be render as different render passes, I tried to use temperature and fuel as float in extra render images, but the problem is that, I am not been able to get it properly.

what is the way to get render passes for temperature, fuel and heat in extra image details ? I would also like to know the way to render normal passes and any other passes which can be rendered out from volume, like opacity pass or something helpful in compositing. I get the fire mask from the shader but it is not that useful.

Thank you.

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Take a look at the forum link I posted. To my understanding, you can get passes for smoke and fire, but why do you want a fuel/temperature pass? Are you rendering your fuel?



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thank you for the link of the thread. I have already checked that file, it was a bit helpful.
I am using my fuel areas for the intensity of my fire and for the transparent look of the fire, I want the control for the core part of my fire in comp,
for temporary solution, I have made a different render take and changed shader ramp color to make things work out for a while, but I want the proper way to render out single image with additional information containing temperature and fuel details with applied lookup ramp.
in fire, most of the area is emission, so that method will not work the way I want the details.

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