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Sandstorm with Billowy Smoke ?

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Hey !


I am creating a sandstrom with the billowy smoke in Houdini. I was wondering how I can get rid of this mushroom clouds that is popping out of the sandstrom after 3-4 seconds ?

I have added 2 render is the attachment. One of frame 32 , where the look is good of the sandstorm and one of frame 173 , where you can see those big mushroom clouds.




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You can play around with differents gasdisturb nodes sets on differents Block Size (I like to put 2 nodes with 0.3 and 0.1), and you can add a control field based on temperature or velocity, so it can avoid the mushroom effect. It's also possible to add some gas vortex confinement, or add noise to your temperature to drive the velocity field differently. I just attached a quick made file that show how to avoid it based on velocity.

Hope that helps ;)


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