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Houdini Terrain Pipeline Vol 2

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Hey All!

The first part of this tutorial has been available for almost a year now, but because of the sad news that hit CMI, I was unable to upload the 2nd "half" there.
So instead I just made it available on Youtube for everyone, to make up for that I suppose. I'm considering putting the first part on there as well, if enough people want that.

In this tutorial covers the following, using Houdini
* Generating water meshes
* Updating the terrain based on the water
* Generate walking paths on the terrain
* Create some basic instances
* Build a flexible system using external files to place these instances.

Built on Houdini 16.5, but should work on 16 too, or all the way back to H14 if you skip the heightfield part.
Recommended specs: at least 16GB of RAM, reduce the terrain size if you have less.

Disclaimer: Work files are as is, and do not contain the cached geometry to save on space, 
this may explain node errors on the various "File Cache" nodes.
It does however also contain the work done in the first half of the tutorial, albeit mostly undocumented:


Hopefully its of some use!


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