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GuidedWrinkling example and Vellum

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Hi, I'm trying to recreate GuidedWrinkling example with Vellum system. 
Then, added Vellum Constraint at the beginning of the chain and set the type to 'Pin to Target'. So the chain looks like this:
Point Deform SOP (animation)
Vellum Constraint (Pin to Target)
Vellum Constraint (Distance Along Edges)  
Vellum Constraint (Tetrahedral)    
Vellum Solver
It kiiiiinda works but I'd like to match the behavior to the Hybrid object. The main parameters to recreate are:
* Shell Shape Stiffness
* Shell Bend Stiffness
* Solid Volume Stiffness
Should I be creating a separate Vellum Constraint for 'surface_triangles' group?

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Yes, you'll additionaly need Cloth constraints for surface polygons and keep distance and tet volume constraints acting only on tets 

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