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Group connected prims by poly count

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Hi all

Can anyone suggest a good way to loop over geo and group connected geo by a threshold of primitive count? For eg.

- I have a mesh that has 140 000 000 prims.
- I can do a connectivity sop and split out connected pieces. Many are smaller than my threshold of say 10 000 000.
- I'd like to combine the smaller connected pieces into a group until it hits the 10 000 000 threshold and then move onto a new group etc.

Right now it creates far too many individual meshes based purely on connectivity so I'm trying to combine the smaller pieces into a more manageable chunks.


Thanks in advance!

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You can use Connectivity SOP to create a primitive attribute and then in an AttribWrangle in Primitive Run Over mode, use findattribvalcount function to count how many primitives belong to each connected piece of geometry and group them based on your threshold.


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