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Vellum Weld Break

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Hello, I've been playing around with vellum in Houdini 17, and I've run into a bit of a problem. For some reason, can't seem to dynamically break weld constraints using the vellumconstraintproperty node. It seems to work correctly when I use the stitch points constraint, but nothing happens when I use weld points. I've found a work around using a geometry wrangle, but I was just curious as to why this other method wasn't working. I've been searching through the documentation, but couldn't find an answer. Thank you to anyone who can help!


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it's because when you weld, there is no stretch constraint created, just optional bend constraint

and because Vellum Constraint Property acts on constraint primitives contained in Constraint Geometry data, since welds are not constraints, there are no weld constraint primitives to set breakthreshold to

your wrangle acts on Geometry and therefore cloth points directly, which is exactly the place where weld attributes like breakthreshold, weld and breaktype live

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I encounteres a difficulty in using a modified version of the upper setup. If I bypass the Vellum Constraint SOP (Weld Points), the setup freezes from the first frame on.
I tried to evade the problem by using haspointattrib(), but this didn't help either.
Any ideas why this is happening and how to deal with this?




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