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Install Houdini to a custom directory on Windows

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Houdini on Linux can be downloaded as a .tar.gz file. When you extract that archive, it expands several more .tar.gz files which you can manually extract to wherever you want or you run the `houdini.install` file that Houdini-Linux comes with and Houdini builds to the /opt folder. These options make it really easy to put Houdini anywhere you need to on-disk.


How do you install Houdini on Windows to a custom directory (like you can on Linux)? As far as I can see, The .exe file that Houdini-for-Windows ships with takes no optional arguments so you can't specify an install directory upfront. I have a couple (hacky) ideas of how this could be done but I would like to hear if anyone has experience with this and would share any insights gained. Ideally, I'm looking for a solution that is fully automated (requiring no manual user input) for the command-line if at all possible.


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