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Blackberries: Hand-rolled grammar system growth simulation

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First dump from a home-brew Grammar system expressed iteratively as an evolving growth system. A decade of hunting down Blackberries to their roots - to remove them from my yard; A month of looking at and sketching Blackberry growth in the wild. A day with Houdini Apprentice, and a single point of geometry to seed the system. Then just turned it on. There's fewer than 100 lines of code, and I'd guess about a dozen substitution rules in the grammar system. Emergence is an effective approach for modelling organic processes.


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There is at least one issue with this, in that the post-process which NURBifies the polygons causes the branches to no longer be attached to the vines.  There are a number of ways to approach this.  The most appropriate being to not use the cheap NURBification at all.  It's a dirty hack.

The overarching point on the exercise is that the base structure of the pipeline is modular, and generally stays the same, while the functionality of each module is improved iteratively.  I'm done with this one for now, but may return to it.

Let me know of improvements!  :-)


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