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How does FORTICHE achieve such a good 2D look in 3D? (Also, general hair questions)

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Hello! So recently I saw two new videos that were produced by FORTICHE, the same company who produced the League of Legends video for Imagine Dragons' "Warriors" a few years back. While that video was impressive, these two newer ones are outstanding. I am sure it takes a lot of money, time, and work to produce anything in this style, but I just adore it and would like to create something similar one day. Does anyone have and information, theories, or even tutorials on how they achieved the look? (I know they implement a lot of 2D elements along with the 3d but I'm curious about the 3D part)


Also I have some questions about hair. I have a basic understanding of how hair works with guide lines and such. What I don't understand is how they make the hair so unique, and held up, but still have it be rendered with individual strands. Also, for the k-pop video, how do they make the hair seem so flatly shaded over certain sections but still individual strands?


Here are some good frames that showcase mostly 2D esk 3D




They also have a really nice flat shading effect on the hay which I am really curious about.




The main shine for this looks hand drawn over but the rest of the jewel looks half painted and half actually shaded.






This jacket looks really 2D as well, curious how they got the simulated lighting on it to look so drawn.



Here is where we start talking about the hair. The hair in this frame is very artistically styled. It may be a basic question but is that just achieved through guide hairs? How are the guide hairs made to not fall due to gravity but still simulate like actual hair? It doesn't just fall down but acts like it is constantly being pulled back to a certain hairstyle, are volumes used?



These two shots exemplify what I mean by the hair looks like it is rendered in layers. The hair is made up of individual strands but its as though when they are grouped together they are instead rendered as one entity.



Right under the thing south west of her ear you can see the shadows affecting the individual hairs but everything looks so held together, there are very little stray hairs.




Here is the hair in motion.



Sorry if this post is long, but if someone could help explain how companies get hair beyond just an undercut or simple part, that would be great.



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The animation is good, but why does alot of songs today seem like Ariana Grande is singing them all; with Nicki Manaj the harder side kick ?

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How did they do the 2D look and the hair? No secrets...

On 11/8/2018 at 8:28 PM, PlatinumFishy said:

a lot of money, time, and work

...and a lot of artists.You got the main idea though :)


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