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Edit a Curve Outside an HDA

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Hello guys,

I have a simple question. It is possible to initialize a curve in an HDA and give the user the possibility to edit that curve without jumping into the HDA, select the curve node and modify it ?

If so, how may do this ?

Thank you !

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Wrong word.

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Not really. The curve is built-in the HDA. I'll explain why.

Basically, the HDA is a pike. But, it's a special pike. It's tip can be extended along a curve. So, I needed the curve to start at the tip of pike.

The purpose of the pike is to be animated along a path and at the end of it's course, the tip must extend using the curve.

The curve will need to go around objects and characters, so that why did a built in curve that follows the object everywhere. But now, I want to be able to modify that curve anywhere the pike is to have a clear look at where the curve will go. Because, If I use a user defined path created at the origin while my pike is at, let's say, 10, 0, 20. It's hard to modify the path and look at the result which is the pike, which is 10 miles away.

I'm pretty sure it's not clear, but I can try to send you the HIP file so you can understand better.

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