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Adding lights or geometry to existing take list

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One thing which is very uncomfortable for me in Houdini is to add lights or geometry to a scene with a long take list. Usually I want these items only be visible/active in a few takes. Right now I click on each take and include/not include these items manually. This takes a lot of time and is prone to errors. I wonder whether there is a workflow to it which is not known to me. If I just add a light for instance, it will light all takes set up so far. Very annoying.

Actually I'd like to be able to activate all takes and include/exclude the items once, then pick the one take where I need them and click the visibility properties I need there.

How do you work with takes if it comes up to adding stuff?


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what exactly are u using takes for? those are mainly designed for animation iterations. for other tasks it's not very practical (as you already found out). personally I never use takes unless I've got some very specific reason for doing so.

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