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konstantin magnus

Clipping tools: Bricker from center and radial

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Here are two simple clipping tools using python SOP verbs: Bricker and Radial.


Unlike the divide SOP it´s cutting always right through the center.


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Some exemplary code for easy access:

import math
node = hou.pwd()
geo = node.geometry()

cuts = node.evalParm('cuts')

clip = hou.sopNodeTypeCategory().nodeVerb('clip')

for i in range(cuts - 1):
    angle = i / (cuts - 1.0)
    dir = hou.Vector3(math.sin(angle * math.pi), 0.0, math.cos(angle * math.pi))
        'dir': dir,
        'clipop': 2
    geo.execute(clip, [])
    if hou.updateProgressAndCheckForInterrupt():



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