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Procedural hard-surface geometry with Boolean/Fracture SOPs

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I came across some really interesting procedural hard-surface topology here:


He's definitely using Houdini for the workflow as seen in this post - 


I've been trying to figure out a workflow to generate fractures with workable topology but without success. When I try to push the boolean SOP with outputs from fracture SOPs anywhere near the kind of detail/shapes he's getting the geometry totally breaks down. It doesn't look like he's using any VDB workflow, based on the video it looks like it's purely mesh-based. Is anyone here able to get a better read on the approach he's using to get those kinds of clean fractures, gaps, and mesh separation?


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I saw that too the other day and think it looks great! 

I think what Akira Saito talked about at SIGGRAPH is at least similar and maybe a conversation starter. 


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