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Baking Lightmaps Redshift

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Recently I check Rohan Dalvi Procedural texturing and baking lessons and it really useful for learning Texture Baking.

But the reason I bought this tutorial series was to get a better understanding behind the concept on baking. What I really want to learn is, how to bake lightmaps using Redshift, but there is little information on the subject.

I check the documentation on the redshift website (https://docs.redshift3d.com/display/RSDOCS/Baking), but honestly, I don't understand anything even after I learned how to do texture baking.

The process goes like this:
1. Creating an appropriate unwrapped UV channel that will be used by baking
2. Creating and configuring one or more bake sets
3. Setting up the AOVs
4. Executing the bake

It starts for me at step 2, do I need to use the bake texture note?
3. Why do I need to set up AOV and how is this connected to the bake texture note. Am I missing some important information here?

If somebody could explain to me step by step how do to create a Lightmap using Redshift?

 Currently, I'm using Houdini 16 and Redshift 2.5.32.

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