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Multicoloured 'Acrylic paint' like effect - keep those colours sharp ?

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Hi there good folks,

So I've been asked to make that famous effect of various colored paints layered upon each other, dripping to the ground.

The dripping? No biggie. Getting the colors to NOT mix together? Urgh. Or rather, as the flip sim goes, particles spread under / over the other layers, resulting at the end of ends in a spotted mesh with no real foreseable tricks to get all those to look like sharp separations.


Here is a good reference :


And another one would be :


How my work looks so far, you can really notice the spots :



Aaaand joining a scene.


So how could I proceed to prevent the colours from mixing together too much? I've thought of getting a particle force to repel/attract based on color, but it will just make weird things happen. I've thought of getting a texture in there, but I do'nt see how I could make it look right or apply it correctly to the mesh. I've thought of manipulating various fields, adding some kind of divergence, etc, but really I'm not sure what to do. Maybe it's just a post sim trick, too...


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one thing you could try that just came to my mind is use a pointcloud lookup that sets the color of a particle to the color that is found the most within the points in the searchRad. Having a very hi-res sim though you might wanna be smart where to run the lookup in the first place. e.g you dont need it where the emitters pour down, so you could peak that collision sphere to group points to run the point cloud functions on. then maybe run a pc lookup with a "big" search radius to further filter out areas where there's only one color anyway.

hope that helps

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