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How to bake/render "inverse panorama" of the object.

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Like that.

I want to bake for example fire as texture to cylinder with uv.
And where the cylinder in this case acts as the "camera".

I would be very grateful if you gave an example of setting up the shader for such baking.



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You can set up an inward cylindrical projection (based screen coordinates ranging from -1 to 1) like this:

vector pos = v@P * M_PI;
float r = chf('radius');
float h = chf('height');

v@P.x = sin(pos.x) * r;
v@P.z = cos(pos.x) * r;
v@P.y *= h;

v@N = normalize( v@P * {-1, 0, -1} );

Inside a lens shader v@P would be called P and v@N would be I.

Unfortunately SideFX recently changed the way to create CVEX operators. Does anyone know how to use CVEX in Houdini 17?


Also make sure to check out Paul Ambrosiussen´s tutorial (for H16.5): https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/lens-shaders-for-gamedev/



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