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Senior FX TD - Image Engine Vancouver

Image Engine Design Inc

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Senior FX TDs will act as an example to and mentor junior artists. They will deliver all tasks within the required timeframe. They will be capable of assisting production to answer questions related to FX work; both ongoing and upcoming. In addition, they will assist junior artists regarding techniques, and approaches for FX. They will guide junior artists through the workflow process within the department to explain how their work connects to other departments.

Senior FX TDs will proactively seek solutions with FX Leads and members of other departments. They will communicate with other departments, ensuring they receive data to resolve shot related issues. Senior FX TDs will work with their Supervisor and Leads to implement technical and creative solutions to shows. They may be required to balance multiple shows and communicate with other Leads/artists that are assigned to the show to ensure continuity.

They will potentially assist in the Lead role on a short term basis in the event of an absence or production needs require it. They will participate in team meetings when necessary.


·         Create multiple types of realistic and believable effects (ie. rigid body and particle dynamics, procedural geometry generation, fluid dynamics and cloth simulations) with minimal supervision and within the studio pipeline

·         Address your Leads critiques and comments while providing solutions to aesthetic issues to improve the shot; and maintaining a quality level as described by your Supervisor/ Lead

·         Provide dailied versions for assigned tasks in an agreed upon time by your Supervisor/ Lead

·         Attend dailies, reviews, and team meetings as required

·         Work with FX team, as required, to maintain shot continuity; as well as, support other departments (Lighting, Compositing, etc) to ensure information is communicated up and down the pipeline

·         Provide input regarding existing tools and interfaces for FX pipeline and provide solutions for technical problems that may arise in a shot, sequence or with a film format

·         Assist members of the FX team to learn and grow their skills to meet their career aspirations by providing informal feedback, tips and tricks, and encouragement

·         Estimate the time required for tasks and provide accurate progress reports

·         Mentor junior artists



·         5 years+ of feature film/TV production experience

·         Demonstrated work experience with Houdini

·         Strong understanding of natural phenomenon and how to replicate them using FX techniques, good knowledge of the underlying mathematical principles and a desire to learn more depending on the requirements of each project


Technical skills

·         Ability to train work in Houdini

·         Able to create multiple types of FX from simple to difficult with a minimum of supervision

·         Strong aptitude for technical workflow challenges such as directory structure, file formats, naming conventions, scripts, automation tools, automated dailies, etc.

·         HScript is a minimum requirement, python scripting preferred

·         Python scripting, C++ and RenderMan shader coding is a bonus

·         Experience with other solvers and simulation tools (e.g. Naiad, realflow, Bullet, Blastcode, etc) is a bonus

Core skills

·         Ability to assist bids; determine the timeframe and scope required for each project

·         Ability to troubleshoot and deal with competing priorities

·         Excellent problem solver who can focus on detail, while maintaining the whole picture

·         The ability to work alongside, communicate with, and understand the requirements of Animators, CG and VFX Supervisors, Assets Department, Creature FX, Lighting, Comp, R&D and Pipeline developers

·         Excellent time management and communication skills

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