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Boolean random seed per stamp??

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I'm trying to create some really basic glass debris (small on screen and limited in poly counts (games)), so instead of using material based debris (too directional) or voronoi fracture (too hexagonal looking), I thought I would use Steven Knipping technique and use booleans.

-create one glass panel

-add points

-attribrandomize the points

-copy to points grids for cutting

-boolean scatter the glass panel with the cutting grids

-copy stamp the panels ...wishing to use stamp to add randomness to attribrandomize.

It works great except that I can't get the randomness of my stamp attribute to randomize the seed, so all panel look the same. 

I'm creating a rnd attribute in the copy stamp SOP with the following expression: rand($NCY)

and in the attribrandomize under options tab>Global seed I enter: stamp("../copy6/", "rnd", 0)*12345

If anyone as a minute to take a look or has any suggestion that'll be fantastic!!





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your technique is correct. your seed in your rand() function is not. $NCY is equal to the total number of copies, hence the same looking glass as it will always stay the same number. What you want to use is $CY which is the number of the current copy.

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1 hour ago, misterbil said:

@Jesper Rahlff thank you so much! It's so obvious, I'm almost ashamed to have asked. :) works like a charm.

there are never stupid questions. Better to ask and spend 5 minutes to solve the problem than spending 2 hours trying to do it yourself. Sometimes one can't see the forest because of all the trees

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