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Visualise DOP forces

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Hello !

Is there a way to visualize the forces in a DOP simulation, much like this, but for wires ? I have a Wind Force (not the pop one), and there is no option to visualize it out of the box.

There might be a way to grab the force field information at any location (locations would be a grid of points built specifically for that) and pass it down onto the points to visualize the force on the Normals or smth, but I don't know how to.
Something like grabbing the result of all the forces at a location, or only a specific force, either one would be wonderful.

Thanks !

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Hey Atom,
thanks for the answer !

This is great !
I've been able to produce the velocity field, but had not much success bringing it into DOPs. Obviously the volume source wouldn't help with wires/rigids (still tried it), but the SOP Vector Field seems about right.
Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to actually apply the force. I did manage to visualize a green opaque cube the following image where the force should be with the Vector Field Visualization node, so I know it reads something, but no luck actually having the wire react.


The visualizer works perfectly, even with an animated noise field.

How to bring the custom field in DOPs ?
Thanks !

Forgot to mention that the SOP Vector Field has that warning
wireobject1 - /obj/geo1/dopnet1/sopvectorfield1: This data is attached to an unexpected parent data. 

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