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Problem of resolution being different between houdini preview and AE

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Hello, everyone.  
I got a problem from mantra render, but can't figure out the reasons.
i tried to render a sequence of exr from mantra, objects are basic, just a grid and sphere, and mantra setting are totally simple as a default setting.
Render resolution is setting to 1280 x 720, and rendering seems fine as well as what i see in preview.(picture 1)  
However, the resolution of this sequence is totally different (become 1280x443 in AE) when i imported this to After Effect.(picture 2)
The resolution in AE seems only counting the area that have pixels, and cutting off the area having no color and no alpha.
Not quite sure what's problem are, even i tried several different render setting.

How can i make a sequence look correctly as what i previewed in houdini? (1280x720)

Is that the problem of mantra rendering setting or AE setting?

Thank you!!



picture 1.jpg

picture 2.jpg

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on your mantra rop, go to edit rendering parameters and search for exr. click on Set EXR Data Window and add the 4 highlighted paramters to the mantra rop. Uncheck the tickbox and it will not discard any empty pixels.


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