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Initial state [solved]

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I have this vellum grain simulation that is pretty high res, so it takes a bit of time to calculate. What I did was simulate the first 50 frames to get a good rest position for the grains. I set that 50th frame as the initial state for the simulation. Here is where I am unsure. I made some changes to one of the colliders and removed a pop drag node then added a pop force node. Is it ok to make all these changes to the sim? Or should everything match what was in the original simulation? I ask this because I am getting some weird behavior from my pop force node. Even if I turn the amplitude on the turbulence to 99999999 it has almost no effect. If I clear the initial state and use the pop force node, I do not notice the same behavior. In summary, when you use an initial state for your simulation, should you have the same data before and after you set the initial state?


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Here I am again replying to my own thread :  ) 

I think the problem is when I saved my initial state, my pop drag was left at 1000. To fix my problem I just re-attached my pop drag node and set the air resistance to 0. I believe the drag just kept damping everything even though I had disconnected the pop drag node after loading the initial state.

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