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dynamic bones

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I'm working on a project where I need to hand animate a snake-like character doing spirals and twists.  Investigating approaches, I came across this video, where the guy basically gives a bone chain wire dynamics, and is able to get some really nice overlapping tail motion, just from animating the root of the chain.  At 9:00 of the video he starts to add dynamics, and you can see the animation effect I am trying to achieve at 12:50.  

My goal is to find the easiest way to get overlapping tail motion, by animating just the root. So far I'm just trying to get a wire to behave nicely and not explode from a simple sine wave animation, nevermind getting the bones to move with it.  

Any rigging experts have advice on how to approach something like this in Houdini? 



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I tried something with chops but its not far as good as in your reference. I think its possible to do it better with that technique but I´m not so far yet. Hip File is attached. If someone has a better idea or can extend this technique I would also be interested in. :)




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