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Jesper Rahlff

overwrite default state based on parameter on HDA

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Hey Peeps.

Not sure which category this questions belongs to so I threw it into the general question forum.

I am currently building an HDA with one of the functions of this HDA is to draw curves. In order for me to be able to draw the curve on the top level of the HDA with the drawcurve tool I have to set the default state of the HDA to 'Stroke'. This is all working fine. My issue is now that because the HDA is holding more than one "Mode" I only want the default state to be 'Stroke' when the mode is set to utilize the draw curve function.

In other words, I only want the interactive draw tool in the viewport to be active when a certain parameter is active.

I hope I explained this well enough, if not let me know and I will try to be more visual with a simple example file (at work currently so cannot share anyting).


Thank you in advance.



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maybe a simple mockup HDA would help break the ice...

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here is a screenshot. I created an empty subnet, converted it to an HDA. The parameter on the HDA which is circled red here is the one I want to override.
This parameter is available on an HDA by default. its not related to anything going on inside the subnet



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