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American Museum of Natural History, Generalist TD

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AMNH in NYC is looking for a TD to fill a year long spot on our next planetarium production.  See details here:



We're also potentially looking for a few modelers and Maya/Houdini lookdev artists to help develop spacecraft models and planetary elements over the course of production, and a Nuke compositor later in the summer.
Staff position is on-site, and freelance gigs are preferred on-site but we could work remotely with the right person.
Our shows are regularly considered among the best in the field and emphasize accuracy and making cutting edge scientific data visualization accessible to a general audience.  Two examples of previous shows:
This is a very small commercial size team working on a medium length production with a reasonable schedule, which could be a nice change of pace from either commercials or film, depending on which way you look at it.  The content is typically pretty technical and substance always wins over style here.  The TDs often end up doing a wide range of work from camera layout, to FX, to graphics programming and Python scripting.  And for you Houdini nerds, Houdini is our core production package for most content creation and rendering.
Email Gavin Guerra  (gguerra@amnh.org) or me at my AMNH email (jpparker@amnh.org) for more info.
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