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Jumps in opacity / density of volumes at rendertime

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Hi All,

I am rendering a simulation of smoke and it seems I got some "flickering" or "jumps" in the opacity values of my smoke.

It is obvious between frames 181 and 182, where the smoke dissipate a lot in some areas, then revert to previous values some frames later, between 184 and 185. And again between 188-189 and 189-190.

I am using the Pyroshader (without noise, without emission, only smoke, nothing fancy... no remapping of value, really straigth out of the bos shader). Nothing fancy neither in Mantra : volume limits up to 1, and opacity limit to 0.995, normal value).

Did this already happened to someone ? If yes, any thoughts on how overcome that problem ?


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Found that using Raytracing instead of Micropolygon rendering was giving cleaner results, as well as increasing the Volume step rate (volume quality)

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