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leaf burning

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Hello everyone!

Any useful advice on how would it be possible to recreate this effect?





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idk how helpful general advice is to you and you may already know this but in an offer to help.

Looks like the object is UV mapped, textured manually if wanted, - else a recursive growth to generate those patterns of the leaf structure (or even just some procedural noise manipulation in cops but that seems tedious in this scenario). That seems blendshape animated, through any kind of vertex manipulation (if wanted really specific, perhaps some sort of technique like chronosculpt. where you sculpt parts of the mesh at intervals and interpolate between frames)...  also could be done with a point deform and grains, keeping the middle particles on the ground with inversed gravity so the edges go up. Anddd a propagation technique, for the emissive burning AoV. And lastly an overall noise that subtracts opacity from the whole thing (coupled with the propagation areas). If this does help you, Maybe just search some of the keywords I used.


Cheers! Sorry if this is common knowledge for you or unhelpful!

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