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(SOLVED) Transitioning between three clips - CROWDS

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Hi there,

I have setup a transition to go from clip A to clip B but I have a third clip that I need to transition into after clip B ends. I'm looking for a way to transition from A to B to C.

I am using the Transition Graph to currently go from A to B, it works wonderfully!

Any ideas on how to add another transition would be appreciated

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I kinda figured it out, in case someone comes across this and is wanting an answer.

If your animation loops, I have realized you need to transition it during that first loop. So what I ended up doing was using two transition graphs and using a time shift and a switch sop, I did the first transition then at a later time, switched to another transition graph and the time shift allowed me to use the first loop and I managed to get this - Transition Graph 1 (A to B), SWITCH SOP at frame "X" to Transition Graph 2(B to C)

The time shift just basically shifted to time to the start of the animation loop even though we had passed it in time.

This technique could be expanded to as many animations as you'd like I assume. There is probably a better way to do this but it worked for me so I am just posting this here in case someone else needs help :)

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