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Tommy Marshmallows Torture

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holding on for dear life...out stoic Tommy....Tommy3.gif.423f7d5ac0d29a2a697bda7420596df5.gif


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Vellum Virtua Fighter....this time Tommy has learnt to put his hands up to protect himself...looks like he's learnt some Wing Chun moves too...

I seriously do not know how to use SOP solver in DOP...just me first time bumbling around but hey, just because I don't know something, it's not gonna stop me from....stabbing things in the dark and see how it goes...anyway, got things working, if anyone can give pointers, please do.

1st gif is normal mode, 2nd is ninja mode...where it was a byproduct of stabbing things in the dark.....where one 'strike' repeatedly strikes him....

(EDIT: Tommy gave me a message...with his fingers...so I added Evade options for him

I am NEO...I know kungfu)








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