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make a parm use python instead hscript

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I have a parameter in my node that I want to convert to use python,   usually we can right click> expression >change language to python  but for some reason  is gray out =(

and reading documentation I could do parm.setExpression("2+2". language=Something)  but I thought using hou.lenguage.Python as argument but wants a value?   do we have something like

parm.setScriptLenguage?  or an easy way to switch all the node to use python,  or just that parameter?

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it's grayed out, because you don't have any keyframe or existing expression there, if you had one, you can convert

you can also set your node language to Python and then when your parm is in expression editing mode, you can just type it in and it will create expression keyframe for you

but this should work too, what errors are you getting?:

yourParm.setExpression("2+2", hou.exprLanguage.Python)


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if I do something like

    exp = """
node = hou.pwd()
geo = node.geometry()
prim0 = geo.prim(0)
return len(prim0.points())
    attribvop_node.parm("num_points_per_line").setExpression(exp, hou.exprLanguage.Python)


now it works =)   in the UI shows purple,  and not green  I think is because just that parm is python and the rest are hscript.


thanks =)!!!! 


(go to sleep  is 1 am)

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yes, the colors may be confusing

- it all depends on what is the node's default scripting language (shown top-right next to cog icon)

- if expression on the parameter is the same language, it is green, if it is other language then purple


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