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Contract A Rope (Vellum)

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Hey guys!

I want to create a simulation similar to this one, where the ropes contract and interact with a softbody: 


I'm well aware that he used c4d for his simulations but I would like to replicate it in Houdini, probably with the new vellum tools. But I can't seem to find a way to contract a vellum cloth sim, animating the rest length from 1 to 0 doesn't do the trick.

Any hints on how to achieve a result like that? I'm open to other solutions as well if vellum isn't the right choice for a sim like that. 

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I'd look into the stiffness / stretchiness of the vellum material. IE: start the sim with the material stretched out with low stiffness & then increase it to squeeze/contract whatever it's wrapped on?

I'm no expert by any means and I'm sure others will come up with better or more specific solutions :D

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