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redshift white edge issue

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Hi Guys

I have a problem with redshift for Houdini. I've got some triangular geo from marvelous designer. There is a simple uv shader and a bump map - no displacement. 

I get this tiny white edge at seemingly random places. I've tried adding normals, tried subdividing, tried playing around with the redshift tag, but nothing works. any ideas?




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Have you inspected your texture map? Perhaps it has white pixels in it and the edge of the texture map needs to be extended. You can try the basic tricks, like use a different HDRi if you are using the domelight. Some HDRi's have noise in them that can contribute to artifacts in the final render. Check your Reflection settings, increase the roughness to see if you can spread that out. or set Reflection influence to 0.0 to see if those white areas are coming from a reflected source.

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