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Draw polyline from a single point to multiple points

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I'm messing around with bullet constraint networks and I can't figure out how to connect a bunch of points to a single point... basically one source point and multiple paths from it towards each packed piece. Connect adjacent node doesn't have this behaviour.

The idea is to connect a fractured packed geo with many points/parts to a non fractured packed geo that has just 1 point/part. I know this will requre some kind of wrangle & coding is not my strong point :| ... any help woud be appreciated! Thank you for your time I appreciate it!

Attatched a simple scene, it's just missing the 2nd constraint network.




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I had a quick go, but I think it's 'clunky' cos I'm no Vexpert. Think someone else can do much better.

There's 2 methods, by loop and wrangle (I've changed display mode in your Assembles to see the points easier)


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Thank you Noobini :D

The new constraint works in dops but it doesn't behave as expected... but regardless, that's a different problem.

I mostly just wanted to know how to go about connecting 1 source point to many points and both your example are very helpful!

Sepu: Also very helpful! Thank you guys!!


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