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Houdini TD at Folks VFX in Montreal

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Hi everyone! 

We are actually switching our lookDev and lighting depts to Houdini at Folks VFX at the moment.  So far it's simply just amazing!

Next step will be the matte painting/environement.  

We are looking for an Houdini TD that would be the technical wizard to support those depts.  Think about scattering moss on a cliff, putting fake VEX wind using animated noise on vines. Think about doing a procedural automated city with cars that drives around and automated street lights to switch from green to yellow to red.  Those type of stuffs.  We already have our FX oriented guys. 

So feel free to contact me directly first so we can arrange something and start to chat!  slylebeau@gmail.com

Thanks and I wish to hear from you.


sorry for the double post....it added when i wanted to put some tags


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double posting sorry

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