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Shader Forum Guidelines

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I think we should go with a simple strategy with respect to this forum:

VOP shader networks

1/ Unless you're dead sure that you've done all you can, each post can start out exactly as DaJuice's Concrete shader; screenshots and a VOP network - and we'll consider it "Work In Progress" and people can make suggestions for improvements and so on. It can be shared as a zipped hip file.

2/ When the shader is settled and is all that it can or should be, then wrap the nodes into a subnet and then make it into a nice VOP node.

3/ This could then be distributed as a nice useful OTL.

Some guidelines for VOPs:

1/ Try to document to networks by naming the inputs and outputs appropriately and naming the nodes themselves. Make use of the Comment fields too if you can.

2/ The output of your shader should try to follow the convention of SESI's where if the output is a complete shader (i.e. has a Lighting Model in it, as opposed to a simple pattern generator), then the output should be named "color".

VEX shaders

1/ VEX shaders are a simpler case and could be ultimately distributed as OTLs too. Try to have descriptive comments in them.

When modifying someone's code, please give credit where credit it due and spread the love.

Thanks all and happy shader building!!

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