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Removing neighbour prims

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I have branches that are made up of 1-4 curves. The first curve is always the main branch that the other curves are attached to.

My question is: How do I go about to only keep my first curve and delete the other ones connected to it? 

Or if it's possible; Would it be possible to merge each branch of curves into one prim? 

In the picture below you see a branch that consist of multiple primitives. I have many iterations of these.

 I want to keep the start section of the prim and delete the others. 



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You could try to add a prim attribute to each prim as you make them then it's simply deleting all prims that don't match the desired value.
The solution somewhats depends on how you make the branche.

For example if you use a for loop to add a new set of braches each loop, you would store the iteration number on the prim.
Afterwards you could say blast everything that has a iteration number higher then X


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Thanks for your reply :)
I forgot to mention that these curves are not something I made, these have been imported from other software. So I can't really do that approach. So they get imported with 1-4 branches each. 

But I think I got some sort of idea of how to do it, mostly just trial and error at this time though.


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