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Packing UVs on obj level?

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Hello everyone!
Is there a way to use the UV Layout not on the obj level somehow?
I have modeled various parts of a robot as individual Geometry nodes and parented them on the obj level. Every single Geometry has it's UVs fully layed out.
If I use a sub-Geo with Object Merge nodes for every element I can use the UV Layout node to pack them all together.

But if I export an FBX from there, I don't have any individual parts I for the animations in Unreal (the skeleton mesh has only one transform)
If I export the obj Level with animation I don't have packed UVs.

Is there a way around this somehow?

Thanks in advance!

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I think you should get UVs back to geometry of each OBJ part of a robot, after you packed them all together.

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