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Matching Houdini camera with zbrush 30 perspective view


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I have a model from zbrush. 
Angle of view for model in zbrush was set to 30. 
Model was saved and imported to Houdini. 
Houdini camera was created. 
I need to match houdini camera to zbrush camera
Need to change:
FOV (horisontal) (degrees) to 41.1
FOV (vertical) (degrees) to 28.1
FOV (diagonal) (degrees) to 48.5
But i cant as option is grayed out and can`t even find diagonal one. 
Here you see model looks different in Houdini then it looks in Zbrush: 
Here is where they speak about camera differences

I think same applies to houdini also. 
Under this section i was calculating angle

Could not find any option for changing those settings in Houdini
I saw 2 options under redshift camera settings. 
Horisontal FOV and Vertical FOV (But not diagonal)
All were grayed out. 
When i changed Camera Projection to Fisheye Projection it enabled only 2 options. 
But not all. 


Are you able to assist?



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