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Carve Contour Lines In Car Body

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Hi all,

First off, I should say that I am new to Houdini, coming from a Blender background, so if I ask silly questions, I apologise in advance.

My ultimate goal if to create sci-fi style car bodies using Houdini, akin to what Akira Saito over at Polyphony has managed to achieve, outlined in the talk:


Its in Japanese, but the images tell a fairly solid story.

Basically, I am looking for a way to sculpt contour lines into a car body.

So to go from a smooth body like this (ignoring the arrows, they are the authors):



To a contoured body like these:




As I mentioned, I am pretty new to Houdini, so any pointers on where to get started would be greatly appreciated!




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Hi Adam,

Akira Saito has probably voronoi-fractured the shell and minimized each surface.


Reminds me of what BMW has concepted with 'GINA' or of a Zeppelin for that matter.


Here is an exemplary workflow:


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Nice setup Konstatin, I have taken the result from your file and symmetrically re-fractured it, adding displacement to the newly fractured pieces.


Here is it with another scatter seed and a different UV projection type.


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There's a SideFX video on vimeo for this project that Akira Saito made. A couple of weeks ago they added English subtitles to it so you should be able to learn a lot about his process from watching this. On the video play bar click on CC to call up the English subtitles.



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