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Heightfield Erode on geometry/VDB

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Hey guys. Is there a way to use heightfield erode on a geometry or VDB. Let's say if I have a box, and I would like to apply erosion, how would I do that? Cheers!

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If you treat it as part of a heightfield you can erode it, then get it out as a polygon (printscreen and hip file attached):


eroded box.JPG

eroded box.hiplc

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Thank you. I was looking into heightfield project node, but what if you want to erode a more complex geo, like this cube?


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The Height project sample some ray to the geo, you have few options so i will "catch" to direct the raycasting but obviously it will not work great for small concav/convex in between are, it's mainly design shape roughly the big mass of your landscape or blends asset done in sop or whatever.


* You would have to write in VEX an erosion algorithm .

* Run different sim in houdini FX like rain, wind to affect the topology of your model...

* You could consider to loop split/slice your model , project each and try to combine all.

* Unfolding each big planar sector or your model , project , do your heightfield erosion, convert it back to surface sop and reverse the unfolding.

* Or... Open zbrush and apply few brush strokes and get back to houdini without telling anyone but off course it s not procedural :)

I don't know a trivial solution, maybe some other people have other idea, there are a bunch of really great smart minds here so


Vincent Thomas   (VFX and Art since 1998)
Senior Env artist & Lighting & MattePainter & Creative Concepts



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