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Tiled export of Heightfield terrain Mesh

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Thank you

Here is a screenprint of the file (attached), which one works?

1. is your original python

2. it mentions he wants to get rid of it

3. only has a "file"

are 2 and 3 related?

I unbypassed the nodes, nothing happened

Any idea how to make it work?



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Hi Mani, they all work except no.1, hence the thread. Petz` scripts (variants 3 to 5) write bgeo-files to the location where your houdini file is located. You can tell by:

filePath = hou.hscriptExpandString("$HIP")
  • Variant 2 was mine, but I found it visually too wasteful for just saving.
  • Variant 3 uses some Python code inside the file node to increment the file names. Just click on the label 'Geometry file' to see it. 2 and 3 are related but Petz` variant is more compact.
  • Variant 4 packs the fragments which makes handling and in this case exporting much easier. getEmbeddedGeometry() inside hou.PackedGeometry class seems crucial here.
  • Variant 5 utilizes a Python SOP with two loops: First assigns the segment number to each primitive and the second deletes all non-related primitives before writing out all left-overs.

Just look in your folder: You should get a list of objects ranging from part_0.bgeo to part_24.bgeo. The nodes just dont overwrite each others files, I think.


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