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guided ocean layer leak

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I am using the shelf guided ocean layer, and it all works ok, until i decrease the particle separation, and the flip particles leak downward from the guided sim

the top part is the the ocean preview, the layer of flip below, dripping down. Am i supposed to plug the ocean preview as a collider in DOPs??




thanks in advance, i have been going on with this  ocean thing and i cant get it to work properly! :(


in addition to this, as i would like to build this all i one Geometry node,,,( i like it that way) where are this guidingcollision, etc attribs coming from?








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so that happens when Reseeding it turned off :( so, how cna i keep splasy sploshy sims w reesiding on?

and the 'guidingcollison, guidinsurface' . etc where do they come from? And if i make a DOP from scratch how do i get this on my Flip solver...??



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