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generating constraint networks from impacts

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Greetings All,

I am trying to generate constraint network geometry based on the impact points of packed rigid objects. I am a bit new to dops and I would like to know if my logic is correct, as well as ask a few questions.


Within the sop solver node in dops there is a relationships import, an impacts import, and a dynamic objects import.

I  want to use the points generated by the impacts with a connect adjacent pieces sop to make the primitives for the constraint network.

I  will somehow have to get the name for the constraint anchors from the dynamics objects import for the points.


Should this sop solver be attached to the post solve of the rigidbody solver, into a multi solver, or into the constraints network node?

How can I get what point corresponds to what object. I am thinking maybe the primuv vex function as I am assuming that the points generated are on the surface of the impact

do I need to make the impact point persistant, possibly with a geometry solver inside the sop solver 0_o.

how do I point the constraint network to these new points and primitives.

any help would be greatly appricitated. I have attached an example file with my bubblings.





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