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Hey people of Houdini. 

I have now pulled all the hair I have left out and I need your help...

I have been creating a growth effect similar to the Flyknit effect of Simon holmedal and using tips from entagma to get my vertex to point in the direction of growth. 

It works great and I'm happy with the results BUT...

Now I have a loop of knit animated and want the animation to execute as the growth reaches it. I have tried for each loops with no avail. Can anyone help. I have been tasked to create this knitting structure for a project and I'm lost in a knotty mess.






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I figured this out, if you are still looking for an answer. Add a counting variable to the solver that adds 1 every frame a point is not infected. Then add a timeshift to the animated geo. shift time by @Frame - 'countingvariable'

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