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Trying to do a river with FLIP Fluids

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I was trying to make a river to learn how to use FLIP Fluids and Houdini in general. I came across a tutorial and followed up, but when I tried to apply that tutorial to the geometry i wanted to it didn't work the same i look more like an ocean or a lake. Also here is when i realized that the tutorial only works correctly on a straight path along the X Axis. When tried to do it in other direction the sim still goes in the X Axis instead the intended direction.

Can somebody give me a hint or some help on how to correct this? Or maybe an idea on how I can do this?

Thanks in advanced.



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I think I would use both systems, Create a tube that fills the entire trench with fluid particles. then have a few emitters inside the trench to push things along.



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Looking at your sim, the first thing that stood out was where you are inheriting velocity into the sim. On the volume sop, you have an initial value of 1.5 in the x axis. The velocity will always go in that direction, unless you specify it differently, but that also means if you know what direction you want it to go, you can just change that vector attribute value to the direction you want. Overall it feels like you have a lack of detail in the velocity being added to the sim. You are just pointing the velocity in a single direction, versus added some velocity that could generate waves. I'd check out the Ocean Shelf tools that come with Houdini; namely the wave tank. This will show you how velocity is added that would generate waves. Then you can make the waves as chaotic as you want, to get the specific type of river you would like. There is an input for cropping the particles in the tank with the collision geometry at frame 1, so it can certainly work with your setup.

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