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Help with multi solver

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Greeting all,

I am trying to wrap my head around the multisover in dops. I have a sim of a plank breaking. I have upacked the sim and placed a debrissource node after. I then copy cubes onto these points and point a pop source to them.

I have a packedrbd object running into the multi solver which runs a pop solver then a rigidbody solver. It kind of works but when the cubes hit the ground the shake and jitter and generally misbehave.

Any Insite into why this could be happening would be greatly appreciated.


I have attached a sample file.





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Thank you for the quick response. This will be valuable information in the future.

I got the problem worked out. I was making it harder then it needed to be. I used a popsource in the pre-solve input of a rigidbodysolver and every thing works fine. No need to chain solvers together to get the desired effect.

Thanks again.


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