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Creating a primitive out of a stream of particles

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I'm attempting to create a polygon ribbons out of multiple streams of particles emitting from points moving around on a surface.  I've been having a lot of trouble sectioning the streams into separate groups, so that I can use the add node to add polygons down the chain of particles.  I'm not even sure if this is the best way to go about it.


I'm using a popnet to create the points moving around the surface of a sphere, which I'm then plugging into another Popnet to emit the streams of particles.

In the 'pop_trailsCreation' popnet, I have my emission type set to points.  



Does someone have a clue how I can create a polygon ribbon / tube moving down each separate stream of Particles?  I've been trying to separate each stream based on the @id of each source_point, but I've had no luck in achieving that. 


Many thanks!!


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Add an attribute to your source points to identify where each particle has come from.

Your first popnet will by default give you an 'id' attribute already, so use add an 'attribute rename' sop to change this to something like 'parent_id' (otherwise your new popnet will overwrite it). Then after the second popnet, use the parent_id attribute in the add sop to connect up those groups of points. Check the attached hip file ;)

To make it a tube, add a polywire sop at the end.


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