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Hi everyone,

I am sharing this simplified version of a project of mine cause I have an issue that is really baffling me.

It's a hair simmulation, just one hair which I am manipulating its pscale through SOP solvers to create some worm like movement,

It works completely fine as long as I keep the system with 1 substep, but if I increase the number of substeps it goes ballistic!

I have other solvers that really polish the movement of the worm they all work fine, as long as I don't increase the number of substep to more than one. Is like the SOP solver multiplies its effect per substep.

I have no idea what could be causing this, worse I don't understand the why and that really bugs me.

Any help would be really appreciated.



Edit: I believe its the internal collision being multiplied, or calculated in each substep in the SOP solver,  but no so such how to address this yet.

Edit 2 : to clarify when the behaviour is acceptable.


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