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Fluid surface UV question.

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Hi folks, I'm a games artist and am new to Houdini and I'm looking for a bit of workflow advice for an effect I'm trying to achieve.

I'm wanting to make a melting head. I've got a UV'd head and I've put a skull mesh underneath that will be revealed.

I've added a viscous fluid melt operator and the head melts and drips nicely. I would like to put it into UE4 as a realtime effect. The issue I'm having is that the melt mesh has changing topology and I need stable UV's so that I can apply my head texture to it.

Is there a way to do this, either by taking the UV's at the first frame of the sim or by point deforming my undistorted head mesh to the simmed mesh. Or should I consider another way of achieving this effect? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers, Paul

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Hi Paul,

This might be interesting


Basically the default workflow in H is base on the combo

- rest pose activation in the fluid solver.

- rest pose reading in the shader with the rest pose solver




The problem is that restsolver is mantra based,

i think UE give you 4 uv channel so their might be a way to store rest in uv3/uv4 and interpret them in UE.

you can access the code of mantra dualrest solver in the asset. Then you can try to reproduce that logic in the material editor of unreal.

Not an easy task to get proper UV on fluid, yo will have to do your homework.



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