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How could I keep the original shape of a vellum cloth object...?

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In a vellum cloth simulation, I need to keep the original shape of my cloth object as much as possible. I tried to increase bend stiffness and stretch stiffness but it doesn't works.

Later, I would like to paint an attribute like "stretchstiffness" on that cloth, to control areas that I want to be more stretched...







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I replied to your comment on sidefx, as well as attached a hip file. But one more time here, since you have created the post and for future reference:


"I checked out your scene and updated some settings. Here are a few tips. First, increase your bend stiffness a lot to prevent the cloth from bending. Next, the main problem you had with your setup is WAY too many points on your cloth grid. I reduced the number substantially, and the stiffness worked. The reason for this is that having too many points in your mesh, and therefore too many constraints in your mesh, require a lot more substeps and constraint iterations to resolve properly. As you reduce the point count, the vellum solver performs a lot more predictably. See the attached file."


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I just had a huge problem with this. Actually I should say small. It seems vellum doesn't like small sim. I had to make my object bigger before the other settings like bend would take effect.

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