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Hi guys,

I'm building a volcano with chunks of debris flying out the top. I figure I'll just copy rock geo onto points emitted from a popnet.

My understanding of vector math/manipulation and control is pretty atrocious; being a visual learner, I'm trying to focus on vops for now, even if the same thing could be accomplished in one line in a wrangle. 

I was wondering what the best way would be to assign random vectors to points. This is how I've attempted it:


However, when run through the popnet, they all seem to bias to the right, displaying a lack of randomness. From looking at the vopnet, is there any  reason why this would be?
Without adding a noise, would you guys have suggestions for a better method? I'm not against using a noise, I'm just trying to understand what's going on, and why my current set up is failing to randomise effectively. 
Also, does my fit range seem appropriate? It looks weird to me, but the defaults were no good.


I've attached my hip just in case any of that is unclear.

Hope you can help me out; Being an absolute ditz, Houdini math breaks my brain... :wacko:


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Your fitting only clamps your values, instead of remapping them. Your random have a static seed, giving the same result to every point. It would be alot easier to use a zero-centered noise, adding that to your normal. And then normalize your normal instead of fitting it.

In vex you can use the "sample_direction_cone" function.

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Thanks Thomas. 

To clarify, are you saying to replace the random functions completely with a noise? And when you say zero-centred noise...from a google search, you're referring to turbulent noise?

Thanks for the feedback on the fit, also.

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